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1Inch Network SVET Execution Rating Update
SVET Execution (Solution-Validity-Equity-Team)

1inch network continues to be the dominant DEX aggregator [1] and besides its zero trading fees and low-cost solutions to liquidity and swapping options, token holders can do more with their tokens like book flights on Travala, access the token on Fantom, Avalanche and Gnosis, earnings for liquidity providers and with the spot price Aggregator, investors can visualize the price of tokens on the platform. Despite these updates and a bearish 2022, the network’s active user volumes were found to be 52% below ATH, but has surprisingly pulled in $5.79 million in revenue [2] a strong performance by the network. Solution rating B

keeping with the spirit of decentralisation comes at a cost and 1Inch being a KYC non-compliant platform cost it its operating license in the United States [3]. Therefore, citizens in the aforementioned region engaging with the 1Inch network would be doing so at their risk. Validity rating is C.

The DEX aggregator has participated in 3 funding round and raised a whooping sum of $189.5 million. The network’s current valuation may not be grand at the moment considering the bearish market conditions and SEC clampdown over KYC non-compliance, especially with the token price hovering around $0.816 [a 4], a 90% fall below its ATH, compared to December 2021 when it was valued at $2.25 billion [5] at higher token price of $2.44.
Equity Rating B.

There hasn’t been so much of a significant update concerning the core team. Nevertheless, their performance is visible with the updates and releases on the 1inch network which demonstrates their ability to deliver on the project. Team rating B+.

KSM SVET. Execution Rating (Solution– Validity– Equity– Team) Rating: B/C/B/B+