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With its more than three million twitter followers SHIB is one of the most volatile and the most popular tokens among traders.
Over three years period SHIB standard deviation of the daily returns (volatility) is close to 5 (it is less than one - 0.7 - for Bitcoin), which is good from a speculative point of view but poorly reflects on SHIB hodlers (Sustainability is c).

On the other hand, investors who look for an extra long term value (the difference between the returns of the investment and the risk-free return divided by the standard deviation of the investment returns) might have seen that expected SHIB returns must be reduced by almost a factor of three (to about 1.5) during the same time period, which still outperforms BTC (for Bitcoin it stays unchanged - below one) (Value is b).

From more than a million SHIB addresses only one percent are counted as currently active. Moreover, more than eighty percent of all SHIB are hold on less than 100 addresses, with top ten holders owning more than 60 percent of all SHIB. It is not the worst we have seen. However, that is not what might be called a fair distribution (Engagement is c+).

As to SHIB use for real-world transactions (or its Usability), it is very limited or, as far as I know, none existing (Transaction is c).

SHIB Tokenomics Rating: (c) (b) (c+) (c)