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Metis SVET Execution Review and Ratings
SVET Execution (Solution-Validity-Equity-Team)

Metis believes that decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO) are the future of businesses and day-to-day operations hence it is designed as a Layer 2 scaling protocol for Ethereum applications modeled to allows faster and cheaper transactions, aiding businesses smoothly transition from Web2 to Web 3.0 for apps and business [1]. It has its native token $METIS which is used for transactions fees, NFT marketplaces, staking and governance. Its partnership with Genesis DAC has seen strategic onboarding of Tristan Metaverse, PAID Network, PARSIQ to the Metis platform which means new users and more transactions. Metis token currently sees a steady rise in daily volume of with its lowest volume of $5million recorded in December 14, 2021 but currently sits at $66million on March 10, 2022 [2]. Solution Rating B

The MetisLab Foundation Ltd is the company behind the Metis project. It appears to not have any information on the US SEC website for company filings meaning it isn’t a U.S registered company but it is a registered company in Singapore with the name METISLAB FOUNDATION LTD dated 20 February 2021 with unique Entity identifier 202106239R. It is headquartered in Singapore at 3 Fraser Street #05-25 Duo Tower Singapore 189352 [3,4] with offices in Canada. Validity rating B

After its launch in 2018, the project has successfully recorded one seeding round in March 2021 where it raised $1million received from Waterdrip Capital, Kernel Capital, Chain Capital, AC Capital [5]. Its ICO sale saw the token raise $3,000,000 in May 2021 when it issued its token at $5 to the public[6]. Few months later, in partnership with Genesis DAC, Metis supports projects with $100million fund initiative [7] serving as an incentive to draw in projects to its platform and increase activities on its ecosystem. Metis is estimated to have a TVL of 2,435,299 METIS currently capped at $384.75million [2]. Equity Rating A

The Metis team comprises of a rich and diverse blend of individuals with expertise in various fields and disciplines. It has a numerical strength of 21 members as captured on its official web page with all members identity and backgrounds verified on the LinkedIn [8,9]. Established in 2018, Elena Sinelnikova saw the need to transition day-to-day business operations to decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO) and Metis was founded. Elena Sinelnikova, Kevin Liu and Yuan Su are the cofounders and form the founding team of Metis. Elena Sinelnikova is Co-Founder and CEO of Metis and the Crypto Chicks [10]. With a rich and extensive career over the years, she is a Software development guru and entrepreneur with Master of Computer Science degree and specializes in blockchain, cyber security and full stack programming. Kevin Lui is Co-Founder and Product Lead at Metis [11]. He began his career as Brand Marketing Specialist with IBM in 2003 where he later proceeded to be an Investment Manager with Novel Super TV His journey to blockchain began with Token Economy Labs INC where he was Cofounder. In 2019 he became part of Metis. Meanwhile Yuan Su also a Co-Founder and Metis Technology Lead [12] began his career with IBM as an intern in 2003 and built a 15-year career with IBM with various portfolio. He currently doubles as Head of Development, Hybrid cloud for Casewire International Inc. and Technology Lead at Metis DAO. In summary, the project is led by a well-balanced and experienced team capable of executing the vision of Metis. Team rating B

Metis SVET. Execution Rating (Solution– Validity– Equity– Team) Rating: B/B/A/B

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