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Domi Online Review and SVET Rating
SVET Tokenomic (Sustainability - Value - Engagement - Transaction)

Sustainability: The DOMI Online project has one kind of ERC-20 utility token called DOMI. According to the white paper posted on the site, tokens can be used in several scenarios, including: management, staking, payments, and receiving tokens as an activity in the game. Let's analyze each type separately. Governance refers to the ability of token holders to create various proposals regarding the introduction of new features in the gameplay or other project improvements, as well as vote for certain innovations in proportion to the volume of their own tokens. Staking is the process by which users can place bets in the form of DOMI tokens in order to subsequently gain access to exclusive content or special areas of the game world. Player rewards will also be calculated relative to the size of the bet. Payments: If users do not want to take the risk and do not place bets, then there is the usual function of the DOMI token as an in-game currency for them, with which they can buy various items, ranging from consumables and equipment to unique collectibles. The "Play to Earn" feature is to encourage users to play Domi Online in order to subsequently receive various rewards. These are all the functions that the developers have identified in the whitepaper, however, it is important to clarify that it contains information that DOMI tokens do not give their holders the right to manage the activities of the Domi Online project itself (including managing project assets, claiming company revenue or appoint a board of directors). It is important for potential investors to know about this before deciding to buy DOMI tokens [1].

Let's analyze the stability of the DOMI economy. To do this, let's turn to the CoinMarketCap portal. However, it is important to take into account the fact that the project is still under development, with an alpha release scheduled for Q3 2022. As of 3/22/22, the market capitalization was $7.7 million, and the market capitalization at full issue is $144.84 million. The daily trading volume is $550,000. The cryptocurrency was released in mid-December 2021 at an initial price of $0.15 per token. The maximum price was $0.35 and the minimum was $0.08. The total number of tokens is 1 billion, of which 53 million are currently circulating on the market (5.3% of the total). At the time of writing, the token is trading at $0.14 [2]. In addition, Domi already has several major partners and investors in the form of Animoca Brands, Avalanche Studios Group, Morningstar Ventures and others [3]. On Domi's website, there is information that the lead developer of the popular MMORPG game, Runescape, works in their team. Also, it is said that the development of the game is carried out jointly with specialists from ChainGuardians, a superhero gaming ecosystem operating on the blockchain. Thus, the Sustainability rating is p.

Value: it’s worth saying right away that it’s problematic to make a forecast regarding the value of a token in the context of 3-5 years for several reasons: the first is that the project is under development, and there are at least 2 more quarters before the alpha release, the second is the time interval of the price chart at 3 months is small enough for further prediction. Moreover, until the platform is launched publicly, the volatility of the token is also low. The DigitalCoinPrice portal predicts a DOMI price of $0.30 in 2026 [4]. This is a very relative forecast, so I believe that the price of the token will grow many times over by 2026, based on the fact that the developers are focused on long-term work, which can be seen in the project's goals and previous results. At the moment, we can calculate the ratio of the maximum and minimum price of the token for the entire trading time and get the result of ATH / ATL equal to 4.2 [2]. Therefore, the Value rating is c+.

Engagement: Since the game from Domi Online has not yet been released, there are no users yet and we cannot provide specific statistics. However, the Domi project market is filled with a huge number of MMORPG players around the world, so the number and quality of potential fans and players depends only on the developers themselves. One of the key indicators of the success of the project itself will be the Alpha release at the end of 2022. The DOMI token was not listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, however, I managed to find information about two altcoin exchanges where you can buy it: and PancakeSwap [5,6]. Also, thanks to CoinMarketCap, you can find out information about the number of holders of DOMI tokens. Thus, the total number of addresses of DOMI holders is 258 pieces [7]. As a result, the Engagement rating - p.

Transaction: Let's look at how transactions are carried out using the DOMI cryptocurrency. Until the game is launched, the main volume of transactions falls on operations conducted on third-party exchanges: there are no players yet, but speculators may be interested in DOMI, who can hope for a potential increase in the price of the token. Although I could not find the exact number of transactions, CoinMarketCap estimated the daily trading volume to be over $500k, which results in a Transaction rating of c.

Rating: c / c+ / c / c

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