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“PolkaCity Review and SVET Rating”
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«PolkaCity is a The World's First 3D & AR NFT Multichain Platform and Video Game. EARN PROFITS BY OWNING VIRTUAL TAXIS, GAS STATIONS & SERVICES ». [1]. As of today, 03.25.2022 the price is $0.3029 USD. The daily trading volume is $36. 996. 096 USD. The chart shows that the price for one day decreased by 1.75%. The maximum offer is 250,000,000 POLC coins. Note that the price at the beginning of the opening of the project was $ 0.1635 USD, and today it is $ 0.3029 USD. The price increased by $ 0.1394 USD or 85.26%. Over the past 3 months, the price has decreased from $ 0.9839 USD to the current price (in February there was a slight increase, but then the fall began again). The decline is $ 0.681USD or 69%. During this period, there is a downward trend.

According to information from the project website for the first quarter of 2022, the following goals were realized: a new NFT was added to the game. There was one more city with skyscrapers and new assets. There was a launch of POLS / ETH / BNB lending. The second quarter began with interesting innovations: a new continent opened and additional tools appeared to create their own buildings and NFT. As we can see, the implementation of the project is good, the goals are met.

The game aims to become passive income for players. Expensive objects, such as shopping centers, hotels, are now sold out, which means that investors see potential in the game.
By the way, the overall offer is divided as follows:
• Foundation reserve: 10%
• Team & Advisors: 10%
• Marketing fund: 10%
• Liquidity fund: 22.5%
• Seed sale: 15%
• Private sale: 22.5%
We see that private sale accounts for 22.5%. The share will increase as the project grows and attracts new investors, which is also one of the tasks of the project development.

Sustainability rating c

Polkacity aims to become the digital equivalent of a real city, which is reflected in the NFT that are available for purchase. At the time of the description of the review, one of the expensive NFT is PolkaCity Bank. The cost is 33694.15 POLS. According to the forecasts of various analysts, we can say that "crypto will see a sharp rise in 2022-2025". [2]. For investors who have free capital and are considering projects with above-average risk for themselves, this project is suitable, since it is still only at the beginning of its journey. As a project aimed at the long term, an influx of new users, investors, and thereby an increase in prices can be expected. The ATH/ATL ratio at the time of writing is 66.07.

Value rating c+

The number of current holders is 34440 at the time of writing the review. Players benefit from their investments through constant payments of network rewards plus an additional percentage of income from the asset. "For example, the owner of a compact taxi will receive 60 POLC per week plus 16% of the taxi income per month, and the owner of the shopping center will receive 13,125 POLC per week and 50% of the monthly earnings of the center." [3]. In this way, players benefit from the game's virtual economy. Most participants own different numbers of tokens, but as the project grows, there will be more holders. According to data from the chat in Telegram, as well as in other social networks, users believe that POLS is a potential and very promising token. Many users believe that the token of this project is a good addition to their investment portfolio, as we found out earlier, it can make a profit passively.

Engagement rating b

POLC is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum. All NFT Polkacity comply with the proven ERC-721 standard for non-fungible tokens. Ethereum is protected by the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, which requires miners to mine new ether. Verification of the transaction takes place with the help of a set of decentralized nodes. POLC is available on KuCoin, Gate. io, Bitget, ZT and BKEX. By the way, I contacted the representative of the project in the Telegram chat PolkaCity with the question: Can you briefly tell me about transactions with POLS? How does it work? To which I received an answer to my question: "So just like with any cryptocurrency you buy it from a CEX or DEX that we are listed on and you can use metamask or trustwallet to buy assets from the store or marketplace to earn a weekly passive income". [4].

Transaction rating c

Rating: c / c+/ b / c

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