Report 'Evernomics and Inflation' by rate3 at 13 Apr 2022

Evernomics and Inflation Source

We live in times when the survival of our species linger on the stupidity of our elders.

'The war against inflation', which has been recently unleashed by them, is the most recent manifestations of their inability to factor into their 'monetary policies' a number of the fundamental exogenous parameters.

There are four underlying reasons of a long sequence of political and economic crises which, we have been dragged into during the past decade:

The end of the expansionism era as Institutional Constructs are rapidly exhausting the planetary resources;
The over-centralization of the political power under three major Agglomerates (C1 - Trade, C2 - Fossil, C3 - Labor);
The accelerating technological progress which leads to a rapidly growing population as well as the militarization of all economic sectors;
The political under-performance of C4 (the Information Agglomerate).
A direct result of an intensifying competition for resources among biggest Constructs is the increase of large-scale kinetic conflict's likelihood. Moreover, because for C2 and C3 that conflict presents a perfect opportunity to narrow a dramatic schism separating their economies (and their Deeps-emotions), those Agglomerates ruling elders will be desiring that catastrophe either consciously or subconsciously.

On top of that, a rapidly growing militarization further enhances a centralization of power under the eldest generation of bureaucrats - representatives of C1 - C3 several ruling clans - rising a cost of uninformed decisions and making the world-system more fragile.

At the same time, a technological progress, which allows for more efficient food productions and a larger population, has not yet resulted in a major disruption of governing / political mechanisms, which, as thousands years ago, still largely remains based on the omnipotent and absolutely non-substantiated authority of a handful of privileged-by-birth individuals (or their 'democratically elected representatives') over billions of humans lives.

As a result, those old 'leaders' are now facing the disastrous consequences of multiple hasty, current political momentum-driven decisions they had made during past 20-30 years.

Those are several characteristics of the present generation of 'ruling elders', which makes them dangerous for the future of our civilization:

Unaccountability: they starchily refuse to bear the responsibility for their own actions;
Insecurity: they want to directly control all our life-activities (most dangerously - how and why we exchange informations among ourselves);
Vindictiveness: the latest decisions to punish 'deplorable' human masses for growing resistance to 'authorities' inept and outdated policies by the enclosure and the monetary flows reduction are the most recent examples;
Laziness: they refuse to hard-learn new skills and to embrace revolutionary technologies (not mentioning to start replacing by its the existing medieval governing mechanisms);
The latest example of the existing governing structure's ineptitude is a short-sightedness of those 'anti-inflationary measures', which have been currently adapted by politically-minded elders.

The potentially catastrophic character of those 'decisions' is obvious to all independent economic observers. Artificially reducing a public access to all types of credits, at the same time drastically increasing tax burden and costs of running private businesses (specially, small and medium ones), at times, when millions of peoples around the globe remain unemployed and resources / goods supply chains had been destroyed by two years of unnecessary, panic-driven enclosures and the war, is the perfect way to orchestrate the global economic crisis for many years to come.

At the same time, an upcoming economic world-wide slowdown coupled with the global military conflict (or conflicts) might present an opportunity for C4 to re-adjust its self-governing mechanisms from managing communal on-chain businesses to organizing direct political actions all across the world. C4 will have to use its growing intellectual and financial mights to drastically accelerate the global decentralization process.

However, because we are just entering into the next 'Reforms-Active' Phase of the SVET Generational Cycle lasting from 2020 to 2030, this re-adjustment will take more time than most of us might anticipate.

During that period (quote) 'as a result of the massive social disturbances and local wars the great majority of world’s governments become highly centralized and are fully dominated by the large bureaucratic apparatuses, helped by intrusive technologies, imposing a direct control over all groups of populations.' (end quote). At the same time, (quote) 'multiple, small, decentralized, mutually ideologically exclusive groups of resistance, avoiding legal politics and preferring direct actions, are formed all across the glob' (end quote).

Essentially, this decade will be the decisive one to C4. It will prepare 'the hacker reformists revolt against bureaucratic algorithms' which will take place during the next 20th years (2040 - 2060). This revolt will bring to us the 'decentralized world and ... horizontal democracy based on ‘harmonious relations’ between humans and AI.'

Here's the list of reforms to be initiated by C4, after it turns from developing technologies and acquiring wealth to direct political actions:

Launching several new independent states / countries;
Establishing the 'government as a service' principle, which allows alternative types of governments to compete for their citizens;
Initiating the imperative opening of countries' borders and abolishing mandatory passports;
Abrogating presidential and ministerial posts and passing all major political decision making to the consensus algorithms based decentralized platforms;
Deregulation of local / global economic / financial processes by delegating industries' rules making to self-governing organizations;
Paying UBI for every human being on earth by introducing a global VAT and personal financial as well as social recognitions accounts;
The prohibition of an involuntary taxation and of any forms of individuals' non-solicited registrations / tractions / surveillances;
Revision and subsequent drastic reduction of all existing laws (no less than 90%) and the implementation of a mandatory 12 months sun-set rule for all future regulations;
Total demilitarization and outlawing of a military 'profession';
Abating prisons, reducing policing to persecuting violent crimes only, using only social alienation, financial penalties and reduction of social recognitions status as a punishment for non violent crimes, for violent crimes use a forced biometric registration / physical marking and a permanent exile.
Overall, it's clear that we are entering into the race for humans survival between the growing mental decay of old rulers, refusing to peacefully give up their powers, and the next generation's ingenuity enabling its to engineer political disruptions and to use latest technological achievements to resist a brutal force used by bureaucrats all over the world to suppress our natural freedoms.