Report 'Well-Wishing Monsters' by Crypto_Steward at 23 Jul 2022

Well-Wishing Monsters Source

One of the most detrimental effects which a growing number of gigantic centralized regulators have on markets is apparatchiks’ disregard to the uniqueness of local socio-economic conditions.

Initially, when federal authorities are not so powerful and overwhelmingly dominant in all aspects of our lives they are quite satisfied acting as mostly ‘coordinators’ leaving all important decision makings to autonomies (f.e. States) which constitute this federation.

However, bureaucrats’ lust to power tends to increase with time. Also a growing number of ‘law and order’ centrists very often use a pretext of various external threats (real or imaginative) to gain more and more control over legislatures. This process inevitably ends with autonomies gradually regulating itself into the federal slavery leaving almost no room for personal freedoms and, consequently, to risk taking enterprises needed to assure the timely adjustment of local communities to micro and macro evolutions of their surroundings.

Naturally, this universal process evolves with a different pace in different regions of the world. Still, the global tendency to over-concentrate decision-making powers in hands of few ‘sages’ and to bureaucratize (to regulate) all aspects of our existence is now universally manifested all around the world.

Historically speaking, as multiple planetary-size empires (some historians count more than a dozen of those) rise and fall, humans have already passed through many centralization- decentralization cycles. However, the one we are going through now is the most dangerous one.

Multiple world’s macro and micro-communities have been adherent to their specific geographical regions for ten of thousands of years with large migratory waves only slightly altering this planetary-size socio-political landscape.

During the past 200 years or so the hyperbolic technological progress brought to us groundbreaking means of materials and food production as well as those of travel and communication. Among other things, that has made all our communities interdependent and, consequently, much more vulnerable as well as mutually destructive. New technologies also made all earthly individuals more informed and self-reliant.

However, that goes against self-preservation instincts of local (and in most world regions — hereditary) bureaucracies (a.k.a ‘national governments’ political parties’, ‘corporations’, ‘NGOs’ etc), which now start to be reinvented into something much more sinister — self-replicated human-machine globe-size systems (or ‘macro constructs’ in Evernomics terms) of the total surveillance and instantaneous, extrajudicial prosecution.

Today we have several biggest parts (sub-systems) of the Planet-control-machine to self-re-adjust. Sub-systems (constructs) fight each other in order to establish a ‘proper’ range of this machine’s internal parts dominance. However, despite its main constituencies — government bureaucracies — sharing the same strategic goal — to build the effective global system of individuals suppression — sub-systems differ from each other in resources they are reluctant to share and the means of establishing their controls (more or less violent).

Those differences are derived (some even say — geographically predetermined) from (by) constructs’ own political, economical and social uniquenesses. Those differences might or might not be settled during series of on-going and future conflicts some of which have already become kinetic. However, due to the archaic, violent nature of those super-sized human-machines and their maniacal strive to gain an absolute, unrestricted power there is no much space for a peaceful compromise left among them.

Hence, if we — individuals — do not actively push back, applying bleeding-edge technologies to re-gain our freedoms, to obtain more self-independence and to get means to effectively protect ourselves from govs coercion, we risk not only to become minions of those ‘well-wishing’ monsters.