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S (B): Decentraland developers activity continues despite the bear market. Most efforts (gauging by the number of updates) going into the NFT market place, UI and the Build Scene repo. Although, UI is slowly getting better it is still a far cry from your average web2 game. At the same time Scenes stagnate making Decentraland unattractive for almost all player. V (B-): As a result Decentraland usage is racing to the bottom. In ten years the number of monthly players have been reduced from its top of 1.71K in November 2013 to 483 players in November 2022. E (B-): After Meta unraveled, spending 20 bln in two years and not brining to us closer to the parallel realities, Metaverse quickly started to get out of fashion. Decentraland twitter contains no new partnerships or enthusiastic investors for very long. T (B-) As a result META imploded cutting almost 92 percent from it peak in November 21