Digital Wealth Growth Contracts In Perpetuity

Eternal Financial Self

As crazy as it sounds you may actually do it. Your individuality might be preserved for posterity in the form of a smart contract which lives forever on the blockchain.

Unlimited Wealth

0.1 BTC compounded for 100 years with a growth rate of 8 percentage will give you 220 BTC, which is 9,678,949,500 in current USD compounded for inflation of 8 percent for the same period. Have you ever heard about Pascal's wager?

Manage the History

Do you believe in the Cause? In something, which can change the curve of the human history in the future? Let your perpetual smart contract make it possible.

Family Forever

Statistics show that the family wealth lives no longer than 2-3 generations. Change it. Make your and your children 401k live forever.


Evernomics: Eternity Economics

Evernomics is the economic concept which stipulates that producers and consumers exist in the Eternity and make their decisions without time and resources constraints.

Singularity: Everlasting Body

'When we change from an older computer to a newer one, we don’t throw all our files away. Rather, we copy them and reinstall them on the new hardware.' Kurzweil

Cryonics: Perpetual Smart Contract will automatically link your awaken self with your financial account.

"Cryonicists argue that as long as brain structure remains intact, there is no fundamental barrier, given our current understanding of physical law, to recovering its information content. " (Wiki)

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Mind uploading: Perpetual Smart Contract will meet the financial needs of your eternal mind.

"In theory, if the information and processes of the mind can be disassociated from the biological body, they are no longer tied to the individual limits and lifespan of that body." (Wiki)

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Cloning: Perpetual Smart Contract will provide you with a perpetual financial identity.

"Some life extensionists suggest that therapeutic cloning and stem cell research could one day provide a way to generate cells, body parts, or even entire bodies (generally referred to as reproductive cloning) that would be genetically identical to a prospective patient. Recently, the US Department of Defense initiated a program to research the possibility of growing human body parts ... " (Wiki)

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Nanotechnology: Perpetual Smart Contract will always pay your bills.

"Future advances in nanomedicine could give rise to life extension through the repair of many processes thought to be responsible for aging." (Wiki)

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