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The Vivino of Web3 with a rewarded wine reviews application and platform (review, earn and discover vines).

SYSTEM (c+): Required information (code audit, developers team and GitHub access) has not been provided, yet. Current State: Website is on. Alfa version at H1 2023. Beta at H2 2023.

VISION (a): Addresses vine market counterfeits issue (20 percent of vine is counterfeit) as well as benefits producers by de-intermediation (brands retains 60 percent while 40 goes to sales partners). Aims at the growing segment (World alcohol sales is USD 1.5 Trillion / Year with US market 376B (444B in 2027). US Vine Market is USD 60B with 10B sold trough vine clubs. Have a Twitter following of more than 3.5K.

EXEC (b): Generated 300K of revenue in 3mos. Several thousands account sign-ups. More than a thousand paying customers. More than 1000 NFT Holders. Invested by known VCs. Launched in July 2022. Legal status is unknown (required information has not been provided, yet). The founders have wine industry founder-market fit and were on the founding team of Vungle (sold to Blackstone $800M).

TRUST (c+): Raising $2M (SAFE) with 2 yrs of runway. Funds going to product development, execs and devs hiring. Exit plan is unknown. Buyer is unknown. Level of engagement is unknown (BOD seat etc).