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System (Application):

A blockchain real-time strategy game, employs the Immutable X ZKevm consensus algorithm for its base layer. The Size of the Developers' Community: 8.

Vision (Market):

The game distinguishes itself from competitors like Blocklords by targeting traditional gamers who have a penchant for classic strategy titles such as Travian, Age of Empires, and Civilization. TLM plans to introduce a novel gaming experience by incorporating real historical characters, nations, monarchs, and heroes into the blockchain gaming niche, a space relatively untouched until now. The game features three civilizations at launch, with plans to expand to nine in later stages of development.

TLM identifies a niche in the blockchain gaming market—traditional strategy gamers seeking a familiar and immersive experience. The game aims to tap into the nostalgia of gamers who grew up on iconic titles, offering a unique blend of blockchain technology and classic strategy gameplay. The market vision extends to global gameplay, envisioning thousands of players participating in the captivating world of The Last Monarchy.

Market Differentiation:
TLM differentiates itself through its historical theme, encompassing multiple civilizations, monarchs, and heroes. The emphasis on quality, innovation, and a diverse gaming universe sets TLM apart in the blockchain gaming space.

Execution (Business):


Public alpha launch
Twitter followers: 15K
Discord followers: 12K
Roadmap with key milestones, including a Token Generation Event (TGE) in Q1 2024

Governance model: Management with partial DAO for in-game decisions

Funding: Major investors include Cwebspace and Ceres-blockchain-solutions-llc

Financials: Burn rate of $15K per month, runway of 4 months, break-even expected in 8 months

Ask and Valuation: Seeking $150K with a valuation of $530K at TGE

Token (Financial Proposition, Tokens):

Token Economy:

Utilizes Immutable X ZKevm for the token and game
Token Generation Event (TGE) planned for Q1 2024
Focus on impactful marketing campaigns to uphold token value
Introduces new elements to the game, including land NFTs, monarchs, and heroes, contributing to the token's intrinsic value

Ask: Token offering at TGE with an ask of $150K and the valuation 530k.


The strategic focus on combining blockchain technology with classic strategy gameplay, targeting a niche audience of traditional gamers, and leveraging historical themes sets it on a unique trajectory in the blockchain gaming space. The team's expertise, well-defined roadmap, and financial planning further strengthen the potential success of TLM in a market that is poised for growth and innovation. The alignment of the token strategy with the development milestones and market trends demonstrates a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to building a successful blockchain gaming project.