Bytom Vision Review and Rating (SVET)


Three years ago it used to be the almost necessary attribute of an ICO campaign to declare that your platform will revolutionize the Traditional Something by converting it into the digital asset form.

Some, however, could not resist the temptation and get a little further proclaiming that they will tokenize everything (or at least a significant portion of it). Bytom, which name is a composition of ‘byte’ and ‘atom’, became one of those daring projects, which aims ‘ … to register and exchange assets such as securities, bonds, deeds and various types of information’.

Those ‘deeds’ and ‘various information’ are covering a lot of ground. leaving me a little choice on the ‘Volume’ (market size) side of the rating :), hence it is an ‘a’.

However, the competition for ‘everything’ has always been a cut-throat one and our little crypto-pond is not an exception from this universal economic paradigm. From that ‘Singularity’ (an absence of a competitive pressure) is ‘c’.

For the project of its size and a team of that level of experience Bytom has been strangely absent from the crypto mass-medias headlines for a very long time. This inability to attract public attention and rise the enthusiasms of its followers is what, probably, responsible for the fact that Bytom following in most social platforms and messengers are low.

I might relate this paradox to the regional factor but, for example, while Bytom has only about two-and-a-halve thousand members in its ‘Bytom Official English Group’ group, its ‘Chinese Group’ is even smaller — under two thousands.

However, the number of likes and re-tweets on all posts I’ve seen remains consistently in a tenth range, which rises a natural suspicion that few people which do all liking are, actually, Bytom team members themselves ;) (no disrespect is intended).

Yes, of course, that is not good from the perspective of steadily enlarging your user base, maintaining, at the same time, a high level of enthusiasm among your ardent followers. Hence, the Bytom ‘Empathy’ (crowd attachment) is merely at the b level (‘b-’). However, that might be good for investors if they are looking for projects in the pre-hype stage :)

Now, to the Bytom’s Timing’, which is, both, about how timely this project is delivered to the market and how well the team follows its own schedule.

As to the later, I do only have Bytom’s post factum Roadmap — not the provisional one to compare with. Overall, however, I do not think the market and its consumers are ready for universal assets tokenization. We are still in the very early, primordial soup state, when only basic crypto monomers of different sizes can be formed and we have a long way to go before complex blockchain molecules could emerge from that after freshly minted oxygen money will be pumped into our still very acidic atmosphere.

Nonetheless, because I allow myself to stay more optimistic about this heterotrophic theory than I, probably, should have been, I rise Bytom ‘Timing’ from the letargic c-level to ‘b-’.

Result for Vision (Singularity — Volume — Empathy — Timing) : c+/a-/b-/b-

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What Is SVET Rating?

SVET Rating is the first public praxiological (human actions driven) rating. It takes into account combine effects of cognitive, emotional and social factors on the decisions of individuals and institutions dealing with crypto currencies and blockchain projects. Uses S.V.E.T. Metrics = System + Vision + Execution + Tokenomics. Includes 16 parameters. Accounts for main drivers of public behavior: technology, economy, organization and psychology. Integrates insights from independent experts and everyday users

  • Security (safety): for defenders (
    - The Protector: Warm-hearted and dedicated, they are always ready to protect the people they care about.
  • Velocity (scalability): for megalomaniacs (
    - The Commander: Outspoken and confident, they are great at making plans and organizing projects.
  • Engineering (design): for geeks (
    - The Architect: High logical, they are both very creative and analytical.
  • Transparency (decentralization): for crypto punks (
    - The Crafter: Highly independent, they enjoy new experiences that provide first-hand learning.
  • Singularity (uniqueness): for Individualists (
    - The Artist: Easy-going and flexible, they tend to be reserved and artistic.
  • Volume (market): for Globalists (
    - The Performer: Outgoing and spontaneous, they enjoy taking center stage.
  • Empathy (enthusiasm): for Tribes (
    - The Persuader: Out-going and dramatic, they enjoy spending time with others and focusing on the here-and-now.
  • TimeLine (road-map): for Visionaries (
    - The Mediator: Idealistic with high values, they strive to make the world a better place.
  • Solution (business): for Dealmakers (
    - The Director: Assertive and rule-oriented, they have high principles and a tendency to take charge.
  • Validity (legality): for Lawyers (
    - The Inspector: Reserved and practical, they tend to be loyal, orderly, and traditional.
  • Equity (finance): For Venture Capitalists (
    - The Advocate: Creative and analytical, they are considered one of the rarest types.
  • Team: for Friends (
    - The Caregiver: Soft-hearted and outgoing, they tend to believe the best about other people.
  • Sustainability (stability): for Sages (
    - The Thinker: Quiet and introverted, they are known for having a rich inner world.
  • Value (venture): for Adventurers (
    - The Debater: Highly inventive, they love being surrounded by ideas and tend to start many projects (but may struggle to finish them).
  • Engagement (usability): for Pragmatics (
    - The Giver: Loyal and sensitive, they are known for being understanding and generous.
  • Transactions (speed): for Travelers (
    - The Champion: Charismatic and energetic, they enjoy situations where they can put their creativity to work.

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