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Domi Online is a blockchain Play-to-Earn MMORPG with 3D graphics and NFT integration. By exploring the various locations and landscapes of the game and fighting with the inhabitants of these places, players can find valuable treasures and equipment, gain experience to develop their character and earn $DOMI tokens, not only for in-game activities, but also for real money. In addition, players can buy medieval dwellings, which are NFTs, and which can help the characters in every possible way in the gameplay. There are 4 classes in the world of Domi: Warrior, Wizzard, Amazon and Priest. Each class has its pros and cons, weaknesses and advantages, features of the game mechanics.

I highlighted the following features of the Domi project:

  1. Availability of such a resource for characters as - Mana. This resource is very important and regenerates slowly, so players will not mindlessly waste all their mana in a few minutes, they will strategically and deliberately approach every difficulty along the way in an open and dangerous world to survive and defeat all enemies. I mentioned own NFT houses above, so here is “Players who have purchased a house in one of the major cities can sleep while they ‘re offline, regenerating their mana while being offline. Houses are sold as NFTs and come in different tiers.” [one];
  2. The game has no limits to improve your character. The player can reach any level and any skill mastery, thereby increasing health and mana. It all depends on the amount of playing time and the ability to play MMORPG well. But! The developers specifically created such a mechanism in the game that if a player dies, he loses a certain percentage of experience and there is a chance to also lose his acquired equipment, thanks to this feature, complexity is added to the game. This is what distinguishes other games from Domi Online.
  3. PVP mode and the ability to create your own guild to fight for power on the entire server. Most players like this PVP atmosphere, it makes the gameplay hardcore and interesting.
  4. Developers assure that the game will not be repetitive quests or jobs. The player can roam and freely explore the world with a wide variety of locations.

Blockchain games that allow you to enjoy the gameplay of a particular genre and at the same time earn a penny in your wallet are becoming more and more popular every day. Therefore, the blockchain games market at the moment has not only proven participating manufacturers, but also growing ones. Since the Domi Online project belongs to the MMORPG genre, I will name only competitors from this genre. For example, the game The Walking Dead: Empires, which is under development and has not yet been tested, already has an NFT on its market, the cost of which is 2 million Gala, or $600,000 [2]. Next comes a project called Mirandus. This is a classic MMORPG style game that will be played through the browser. The most attractive thing about this game is that the developers have gone deep into the development of the economy within the game. All buildings are NFT and belong to the players as property. Users can already pre-purchase different sized settlements with plots of land to rent out to other players who can open their crafting shops to sell NFT items. It turns out a realistic economy, but only in the game. The next project is called The SandBox. Many call this game the new Minecraft. The Sandbox is not just a game, but an entire platform of huge size. Users can create their own game worlds and fill them with content limited only by their imagination. All game items, equipment items, environment, characters, and so on, all this is created in the game editor and tokenized. Therefore, the Domi project has a lot of growing competition, the Singularity rating is b-


Since the Domi project has officially appeared on the Internet relatively recently and is now under development, and the first release of Alpha will take place only in the third quarter of 2022, so far this project has not received due popularity, but it already has good inclinations. Domi token price on February 16, 2022, = $0.2673; The trading volume for 24h is almost $1,859,520; The Self-Reported Circulating Supply is in the order of 33,251,000.00 DOMI and the market capitalization at full issue is $266,640,927. As for the DeFi market size, now the figure is about $100 billion [3]. This tells us that Defi projects are growing incredibly fast and successful every day, and the Domi project is no exception. The Volume rating is a.


At this stage of the review, we will consider and evaluate the community of the Domi Online project, as well as analyze the dynamics of social networks. Immediately, we note that the project site contains 4 social networks Twitter; Telegram; Instagram and Discord, through which anyone can contact the Domi team, ask questions and just be aware of the latest news. Account in Twitter was registered as recently as October 2021, but already has 34,000 followers. Subscriber activity is high. Posts are posted regularly with a frequency of two publications every 2 days. On each publication, the approximate number of likes is 100 pieces, the number of comments is from 10–20 pieces. In Instagram, things are worse, only 4 posts, on average, each post has 200-300 likes. There are approximately 500 subscribers in total. As for Telegram, this social network has fewer subscribers than Twitter, only 10,676 people, with a constant online presence of 1,000 people. Discord has 16,070 subscribers with a constant online presence of 2,000 people. The above social networks have more activity than in other social networks, as users in an informal style can directly and quickly ask a question, and admins will also quickly and competently answer and help. The Empathy rating is c


Clear planning and setting goals for start-up projects is especially important, since this is certainly necessary for the competent work of developers, but the roadmap is also useful for investors and analysts, and in general for the average consumer - that is, the user. On the official website, the following information is provided regarding the completed and future plans of Domi. In the third quarter of 2021, the Domi team completed user Interface (Life, Mana, Gear, Buttons, Map, Menu, Inventory, Spells). Next is the task for the 4th quarter of 2021, but it has not yet been completed. It sounds like this: finish gameplay mechanics (Player movement, camera controls and input controls with Animations). For Q1 2022, the team has identified the following objectives - Character Development (Warrior, Wizzard, Amazon and Priest with their respective abilities and spells); Development World map and environment and, in addition, $DOMI staking live. Plans for the creation of all in-game items (Weapons, Consumables Armors) and all enemies with their respective abilities, animations and mechanics are scheduled for the second quarter of the same year. In Q3 2022, the Main Menu, Game Sounds, User Account settings Implementation of NFT and $DOMI Reward System will be completed. And finally, Alpha Release will take place, where most of the errors and shortcomings of the game will be shown and found. We wish good luck to the Domi project team, and we will wait for positive results and achieved results, because this project is only at the start. The Timeline rating is c.


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Author: Konstantin

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Date: 16 February, 2022

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