SVET Supply-Weighted Index (SVET-SWI)


  1. SVET-SWI Desciption

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SVET-SWI Description

  1. Composition:
    1. Bytom (BTM) Contract Address: 0xcb97e65f07da24d46bcdd078ebebd7c6e6e3d750
    2. WaykiChain (WIC or WICC) Contract Address: 0x4f878c0852722b0976a955d68b376e4cd4ae99e5
    3. Kyber Network (KNC) Contract Address: 0xdd974d5c2e2928dea5f71b9825b8b646686bd200
  2. Formation:
    1. SVET-SWI = [BTM_p * (BTM_s / BTM_ts) + KNC_p * (KNC_s / KNC_ts) + WIC_p * (WIC_s / WIC_ts)] /3
    2. Bytom (source:
      • BTM_p = BTM USD Price (09/22): 0.070325
      • BTM_s = Bytom Circulating Supply (09/22): 1374417194
      • BTM_ts = Bytom Max Supply: 2100000000
    3. Kyber (source:
      • KNC_p = KNC USD Price (09/22): 0.941986
      • KNC_s = KNC Circulating Supply: 198046404
      • KNC_ts = KNC Total Supply: 210404983
    4. Wayki (source:
      • WIC_p = WIC USD Price (09/22): 0.241054
      • WIC_s = WIC Circulating Supply: 189000000
      • WIC_ts = WIC Total Supply: 210451990
  3. Contract:
    1. Includes:
      • BuySvetBkw Function - transfer SVET to clients account from Setrating one and transfer ETH from clients account to Setrating one;
      • SellSvetBkw Function - transfer SVET from clients account to Setrating one and transfer ETH from Setrating account to the client's one;
    2. We nominate SVET-SWI in SVET;
    3. To purchase SVET-SWI a client has to exchange ETH to SVET on Uniswap;
    4. periodically (daily / weekly / monthly ) post Bid-Ask for SVET-SWI on the SVET Board;

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