Stan Taktaev (Станислав Тактаев)


About me:

  • The entrepreneur since 1997.
  • Laureate of the Far East Premium for Internet development "Sterkh" (2004).
  • Consultant of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
  • A federal network of SMS dating has been launched, 2 million users of 2009-2011 with a network of QIWI terminals.
  • Co-founder of the Foundation for the Development of Electronic Democracy.
  • Managed the development and co-authored a 3D printer with a milling cutter and laser in 2012-2014 (
  • President of Moscow chapter Government Blockchain Association.
  • Опираясь на прозрачные математические алгоритмы, выстраивается новая финансовая система. Ее развитие позволит вернуть деньгам их изначальное предназначение – быть кровью экономики, а не бессмысленными фантиками.

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